Millimeter-Wave Measurement Instruments and Waveguide Components

Straight waveguide section


Straight waveguide section

Straight sections are used to make connections between components in waveguide systems. Lengths and combinations are available on special order. VSWR is better than 1.1 over the full waveguide frequency band. Precision flanges on special order.

Model Frequency range, GHz Waveguide size Waveguide flange
SW-06E 33 - 50 WR-22 UG 383/U
SW-04E 50 - 75 WR-15 UG 385/U
SW-035E 60 - 90 WR-12 UG 387/U
SW-03E 75 - 110 WR-10 UG 387/UM
SW-025E 90 - 140 WR-8 UG 387/UM
SW-02E 110 - 170 WR-6 UG 387/UM
SW-015E 170 - 225 WR-5 UG 387/UM

Ordering information

X Operation range wave length, mm
L Length, mm

Finish code (flanges):
S-silver G-gold

Example: SW06E - 50 - S
Straight section for 33 - 50 GHz frequency range, 50mm length, silver plated.